In 2003 our kids said it was time to spend time together, to get out of the city to relax and have fun. The entire family agreed and so, on a very long weekend, we looked at every location on the Washington Coast.

We planned to buy a home and found some great houses but not in the spots we wanted. We found some great locations but not with the cottage like atmosphere we sought.

Then toward the end of the day of searching we stumbled into a little known, small gated community tucked into the trees, just North of where the lazy Copalis River meanders out to the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Many beaches on the Coast allow visitors to drive their cars along the sand. It really is a great way of people to discover long stretches of pristine beaches. But the Copalis Rock area had something special.

We learned that from April through Labor day, vehicles area prohibited on the the beach from the Copalis River to Iron Springs. (even though light planes are allowed to land on the Beach - the only beach landing spot in the entire state.)

Without cars the beach remains quiet and pristine.

The home we built - a cottage really - is just up a lazy lane from the beach, an easy stroll any time of the year. Being in the trees we are somewhat protected from the winds which can kick up especially in winter. Maybe you are one of those folks who love to watch the storms - we do.

The cottage we built is the perfect spot for your family to visit. You won’t hear cars from the road, but you will hear the waves from the Ocean.

In time, you too can rest and relax just as we do. It would be our pleasure to have you visit our getaway and be our guest.